From Snowshed to CEO of BarBend with David Tao | Hans Struzyna

From Snowshed to CEO with David Thomas Tao

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with David Thomas Tao. David is the CEO and Co-Founder of, a media brand providing a platform for news, analysis, entertainment, and opinion for all things relevant in strength-based competition and training. David, himself trained in weight lifting, when he was still in college and before the sport was well-known. He took his passion for the sport with him and his skills in journalism to create a successful and unique media company.

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Your Struggles are Your Strengths with Julian Sado

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with “Mind-Hacker” Julian Sado. Julian believes that “your struggles are your strengths.” His dynamic journey took him from living on the streets at 16, almost committing suicide, to working in Hollywood entertainment, to celebrity fitness instructor, to corporate Influencer. Today, he is an author, speaker, coach and owner of Pivot2Change. He helps bring business leaders to the next level through Neurowhyology, a combination of Neuro-Science and Behavioral Coaching.

Negotiation Tips for Home Sellers

Negotiations Part 2 | Tips for Home Sellers

Your house is staged, it’s beautiful, it got tons of views online, and a lot of people want to see it! Now, how do you turn this attention into an offer? Watch my negotiation tips for home sellers to move on with this sale with as much cash in your pocket as possible.

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Work Smarter not Harder with Shane Melanson

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Shane Melanson, founder of Melanson’s investments and author of Club Syndication. Shane was successful on paper but miserable in life until he learned systematic ways to invest in the right commercial properties that would inevitably yield seven figures. Shane has now dedicated his life to helping others find the right commercial assets to invest in to escape the need for trading time for money. Let’s dive into Shane’s story and learn how he figured out how to become successful in commercial real estate by working smarter not harder.

Negotiation Tips for Home Buyers | What You Should Know and What You Should Expect

Whether it’s your first time or your nth time buying a house, the negotiation with the seller can be tricky. The last thing home buyers would want to hear from a seller is a NO that’s why they usually want to grab opportunities to have an edge over their competition, like choosing an expert buyer’s agent and preparing ahead for the negotiations. But what should you know exactly to be able to prepare for the negotiations? Read my negotiation tips for home buyers below.

Content Marketing Strategies in the COVID Era with Tyler Basu

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with the co-founder of Influence and Scale, Tyler Basu. Before starting his content marketing agency, Tyler, like most of us, was figuring out how to earn more money. Tyler dropped out of college to start learning about sales and real estate while starting content creation as a hobby. Tyler is now an expert in content marketing strategies for 6-7 figure businesses and helps them attract more customers and get more leads.

Overcoming Analysis Paralysis with Sarah Larbi

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Sarah Larbi. Sarah is an incredibly experienced and successful real estate investor from Ontario, Canada. She has built a 7-figure portfolio in just 7 years from buying her first property while also working a full-time job! Soon, Sarah plans to leave her 9-5 and just live comfortably with the income she gets from her real estate investments. In addition to all these, Sarah is also an accomplished speaker, coach, mentor and host of the real estate investing podcast “Where should I invest?”