10 fun facts

10 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know about Alameda, CA

Alameda didn’t always used to be an island. In fact, it was a peninsula that was attached to Oakland via a marshy low land. Today, we’re going to talk about 10 fun facts about Alameda that you should know about, especially if you’re considering moving to the island.

Last Episode | Another Way to Play

The Last Episode | Your Values and How They Change Over Time

This is Another Way to Play. I am your host, Hans Struzyna, and welcome to another Monday Motivation episode. I really appreciate you being here and tuning in. Gosh, so much to share, so many thoughts that I want to give you and leave you with after this one’s all said and done. The least of which is the fact that this is going to be the last episode. That might be a little bit surprising for some of you. But we’re on episode 145 now, which is incredible to consider that we’ve done 145 episodes on the show.

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I think WE ARE in a housing bubble | Bay Area Housing Market 2021 update

What the f—? A couple of months ago, I put out a video on YouTube talking about the housing bubble and how I didn’t think we were in one. At the time, I had some good reasons to think that. However, the numbers I was just looking at, and some anecdotes that I want to share with you have me feeling different today. So today, I’ve got two stories and a little bit of data that I want to share with you which I think you will find interesting. Hopefully, this will be able to help you make a good decision when it comes to buying or selling your home.

Greg Rice | Another Way to Play podcast

The Art of Communication with Greg Rice

Today’s guest is Greg Rice, a buddy of mine, and the host of the Art of Communication Podcast. In this episode, he is going to tell us everything that he knows about communication, which he was able to use to network with other people and talk his way into the CEO’s office of a large regional bank and eventually, choose a role where he gets to work with several entrepreneurs. Spoiler alert, Greg believes there are four keys to communicate more effectively, and it includes communicating vulnerably, among other things.

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Encinal Market– Alameda East End’s Best Kept Secret

It’s 2021! Let’s kick this year off with a video on the top home buyer mistakes I often see people make and what to do instead. We recently bought a house, as you’ve probably seen from a previous post. We’ve made some really easy fixes to it to make it our style and exactly what we wanted. Today, I’m going to talk about exactly what those fixes are so you can also make them for your own home. Let’s go!

Gold Coast | What I thought would be hard to get used to thumbnail

Gold Coast, Alameda | What I Thought Would Be Hard To Get Used To

One of the things that I thought would be the worst part about living in Gold Coast, in the center of Alameda, is driving through the tube to get into Oakland. But I can tell you, it turned out to be really not that bad. So for today’s video, I’m going to talk about three things that I thought would be a really big deal about moving to the center part of the island. These are things that I initially thought would mean a hard transition for me and have a negative impact on my life but frankly, just haven’t been. Let’s start!

Axel Meierhoefer | Another Way to Play

The GROWER Method with Dr. Axel Meierhoefer

Axel Meierhoefer, PhD is the Founder and CEO of The Ideal Wealth Grower. If you haven’t heard about it before but you’re interested in personal finance and having passive income through real estate, but don’t want the whole guru vibe of the real estate industry, this is the episode for you. In this episode, Axel talks about the tactical side of wealth building through real estate like the mindset, and the law of attraction just being one of six laws that you need to be aware of when it comes to going for your goals.

Vulnerability | Monday Motivation

Vulnerability | Monday Motivation

What a crazy start to 2021. I thought 2020 was rough, right? But here we are. I’ve been thinking about what to talk about today, because there’s a lot going on in the world. A lot in the news, obviously. Just so many ways to go about it! But really, what I thought about was vulnerability.

Ryan Cote | Another Way To Play podcast

Ballantine Digital Services with Ryan Cote

It is not uncommon for family businesses to end up disintegrating due to a number of reasons. But our guest for today, Ryan Cote, is living proof that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Ryan is a third generation entrepreneur in a successful digital and print advertising firm. He is the Director of Digital Services and Partner in Ballantine, based out in Fairfield NJ.