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Radical Responsibility with Fleet Maull

Fleet Maull, PhD, CMT-P, is an author, meditation teacher, management consultant, trainer and executive coach who facilitates deep transformation for individuals and organizations through his philosophy and program of Radical Responsibility. He is a tireless and dedicated peacemaker and servant leader working for positive social transformation and a more just and sustainable global society.

Another Way to Play with Kris Levy

Finding Success With A Strategic Mindset with Kris Levy

Today we’re talking a little bit more than mindset, we’re talking about wine and mindset. My guest is Kris Levy. He’s a US army veteran who has just taken his interest and passion for wine and really just run with it and turned it into a very cool digital socially distanced seasonal wine event. At present, Kris is a Wine Branding Coach who specializes in helping wine brands build relationships and communities to increase virtual direct to consumer sales.

What Real Estate Ads Really Mean

What Real Estate Ads REALLY mean | Homebuyer Tips

As a homebuyer, have you ever experienced reading descriptions of properties, only to find out upon walking in that it’s nothing like advertised? It’s the old bait and switch that a lot of realtors do in their real estate ad. In today’s video, let’s talk all about the words that we, as realtors, use to get people to come and look at the property, get all excited before they walk in, and what those words really mean.

Effort and Commitment with Chris Thomson

Chris Thomson is the Co-owner and head coach of the Student Works Management Program, a prestigious entrepreneurial training program for University students in Canada. The program aims to help young aspiring entrepreneurs develop necessary skills to become future business leaders. In this episode, we talked about the importance of setting up your goals, committing to complete them, and developing habits that will truly help you reach success.

Jonathan Goldhill | Another Way to Play podcast

The Disruptive Successor with Jonathan Goldhill

Today I have the pleasure of speaking with the Founder of the GoldHill Group, Jonathan Goldhill. Jonathan is an adviser, coach, consultant, trainer, facilitator and business therapist with 30 years of experience. He has been guiding closely-held and family owned businesses since 1987. In addition, he has owned and managed several businesses that grew into multimillion-dollar companies. One of them is VEDC in Los Angeles, which grew from a fledgling org into the largest business economic development firm in the region.

Buyer Love Letter can lead to lawsuit | Hans Struzyna

Buyer Love Letters Can Lead To Lawsuits?

If you’ve ever written an offer in a competitive real estate market, like what we have here in East Bay, you’ve probably come across this very standard practice of writing the seller a buyer love letter. It’s very common and it’s actually something that’s part of almost every offer that gets submitted here. Recently, however, the California Association of Realtors just came up with a Fair Housing and Discrimination Advisory which states that basically prohibits writing one, if you’re a home buyer, or reviewing one, if you’re a seller. How can this potentially affect you if you’re planning to buy or sell your home? Watch my video below and keep on reading.

Another Way to Play Podcast | Charlie Hartwell

Living To The Best Of Your Purpose with Charlie Hartwell

Today I spoke with Charlie Hartwell, the managing partner of the Bridge Builders Collaborative. As a venture capitalist, he has invested in 15 different apps and companies, primarily those in the field of digital therapeutics, mindfulness, and behavioral health. Today, we talk all about how all about the importance of these practices in one’s life and business and how Charlie chooses the businesses that he’ll invest in.

Another Way to Play | Devon Harris

Keep on Pushing and Overcome the Impossible with Devon Harris

Today I spoke with Devon Harris, a Military Officer turned 3-time Olympian and an original member of the 1988 Jamaican bobsled team. Aside from being an athlete, Devon is also an International Motivational Keynote speaker, and Founder of the Keep On Pushing Foundation.
With the Keep on Pushing Foundation, Devon, and everyone who supports this cause, came up with practical solutions to keep Jamaican school children from hunger. In turn, helping them learn better and giving them betters chance at succeeding in their lives after finishing school.

buyer tips | low down payment home


Is it possible to buy your dream home if you have less than 20% of the down payment saved up? The median property in East Bay typically costs around $800,000. Therefore, a 20% down payment would mean that you need to have $160,000. However, that still does not factor in all your closing costs. Now that’s a lot of money to save, especially when rent and other expenses are high. This makes 10% and 5% down payment options super attractive and a topic that pops up in almost every real estate agent’s YouTube channel. But is it really possible to purchase your dream home with this type of down? In today’s video, let’s talk about the things and strategies you need to know if you’re going to pursue a low down payment home.