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Nothing is Random | Monday Motivation

Nothing is random. Every once in a while, we come across events, people, and circumstances that leave us with a moment of realization. May it be good or bad, we have to learn to accept that what is realized is part of our reality.

Monday Motivation

Welcome to Another Way To Play. I’m your host, Hans Struzyna, and welcome to another Monday Motivation episode.


That’s a working title. If you like it, let me know. If you don’t, we’ll change it, don’t worry. But if you’re new to the show, this is a new segment that I’m bringing out every Monday morning, I want to bring you something to kind of mull on, to think about, to motivate you through the week, to help you up level your mindset because as you know, your mindset is the key to everything. It’s the key to success in your life, in your business, in your career, whatever it is. It’s absolutely critical. And all my guests will tell you that.


Nothing is random.


Today, I want to share with you a huge mindset shift I have in college. Frankly, probably the biggest lesson that I ever learned in college, which is crazy, was from a class that wasn’t even in my major. It was even before I declared a major. I think I was a sophomore then.


I was taking a communications class, I don’t remember the name of my professor, to be totally honest with you. But he was really a great professor and I really learned a lot from him. This particular lesson that I learned shifted everything for me, although not necessarily overnight. But it was definitely something that kind of rumbled around inside of me for a really long time.


I’ve shared it on this show and on other shows that I’ve been a guest on. And now, I want to share it firsthand with you guys. So here’s the scene, we’re in the middle of communications class. He’s giving a lecture on like the Telecommunications Act of 1970 whatever. Then someone, one of the class members, said something to the extent that it is so random. He was sort of like walking across the front of the lecture hall, stopped, turned, crossed his arms, and he said “Nothing is random.”


“Everything is the way it is because somebody made it that way.”


He then literally aborted the lesson plan for the day, and went off on 45 minutes of probably the most interesting and most impactful lesson that I ever got in that class and in college. He went on to basically say that “everything is the way that it is because somebody made it that way.”


I’m not necessarily talking about you know, religion and all that other stuff, but what we’re talking about is design. We were talking about it in the context of communications, of radio stations and TV and all, in ads, and all of that kind of stuff. However, if you extrapolate that out into the bigger world, you’ll realize, that’s probably true. Generally speaking, everything is the way that it is because someone wanted to make some money off of it. And, you know, it’s, it’s one of those things that if you start to really look at the world, as like that didn’t just appear.


Someone sewed that piece of clothing together, designed that piece of clothing a certain way, or that bag, or that clock, or whatever it is. And when you start to view the world like that, you start to realize that systems were set up, and policies were made. Decisions were talked about and decided upon for a means to an end. Right? And now the question is, what is the end?


When he kind of laid that on us it just really made this big epiphany for me, like people are the answer for me. That’s when I knew I needed to get into sales and I needed to start understanding and studying psychology and people and communication and all that sort of stuff to really get what I wanted.


Decisions We Make


So with that my interpretation was simply I need to go understand not only the history of things, but like the decision making, the policies, the ideas at the time when those were made, and then how someone then took that and kind of built on it, and built on it again, and again, to get us to where we are.


If I can start to understand those decisions, I can probably start to articulate, why is it the way that it is? You know, we look at tons of different topics like green energy. When I was selling solar, I was always exploring, like, why are we so reliant on fossil fuel? Why hasn’t solar been prevalent before? And then trying to explain that to clients so that they could have this context. 

That had various success, I would admit, but it was always like, we are here because of a lot of decisions that are made, and we will get to wherever we’re going because of other present and future decisions.


You Also Always Have a Choice


The same thing is true in your life. When you start to realize nothing is random and things didn’t just happen to you. You know, someone made a decision. When you start to think about it that way, it starts to not only allow you to take some responsibility for the decisions that you’re making, but also help you realize that you can actually respond to sort of the random stuff that happens to you.


Like, if someone cuts you off in traffic– that happened to you, someone cut you off. But you also have a choice of how to respond to it, because all things are the result of decisions. So when you really start to go deep on that, it can take you to some interesting places, which we won’t go into all of those today. But if you want to take that conversation a bit deeper, let me know, I’d love to continue on that dialogue.


A Challenge for You This Week


My challenge for you this week? Start to think while looking around. Like whatever you’re doing, where ever you are, start to look at and think about the things around you. Like the ads that you’re seeing? It’s designed for a purpose. Someone made a decision to put that in front of you somehow. Same thing with the clothes you wear, and the car you drive, and all the things you have around you. Someone decided it was going to be that way, for a reason. Then use that as evidence to realize that you as a person can then make decisions on what certain circumstances mean to you, and then how you then respond to them.


You can make decisions on what your past means to you. Last week, we talked about the sunk cost concept, and what that actually means to you as a person. So ultimately, nothing is random. And it’s all the way that it is because someone decided it and made it that way. The same thing can be said for your life. If you take some control, if you take one thing out of this, this should be empowering to you.


You can make decisions, new decisions in an effort to create a better outcome for yourself today, and going forward in the future.

Tweetable Quote: 

“Generally speaking, everything is the way it is because somebody wanted to make money out of it.”

“We are here because of decisions that are made, and we will get to where we’re going because of present and future decisions.”

“Ultimately, nothing is random. Everything is all the way it is because someone decided it, and made it that way.”

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