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Pursuing Your Dream with a Powerful Intention with Justin and Keisha Brooks

Today’s episode is about how a married couple also ‘married’ their plans in life to start investing in real estate together and create their lives together MORE intentionally. My guests are Justin and Keisha Brooks, serial entrepreneurs, bestselling authors, and hosts of Realliferealequity.com podcast. Their goal is to share with people real life examples of entrepreneurs who are winning in both life and business. In addition, they operate a real estate investment fund (REIF) together, which gives them the opportunity to provide jobs to other people.

Let’s jump into the story of Justin and Keisha where the only way to reach your dream is to pursue it.

[00:01 – 10:15] Opening Segment

In this segment, I will give an overview of all the valuable pieces of advice we can pick up from where their individual journeys started, to how they both aligned their lives together and became entrepreneurs. To start with, Justin tells us how he has always wanted to be an entrepreneur ever since he was a kid, and how his Mom contributed to nurturing this goal by sending him to stock market camps and making him attend entrepreneurship programs.

Keisha, on the other hand, even though she prefers going to college and not becoming a traditional entrepreneur, also came from an enterprising family. Her grandfather is owner of his own company. And even though both her parents were in the medical field, Keisha’s father also did a lot of network marketing, and her mother made gowns and dresses as a seamstress.

[10:16 – 19:33] The Power of Unity 

Justin and Keisha did not always want to be co-owners of the same business. They have already been married for 9 years and were trying to build themselves independently in their own chosen career paths before they decided to really come together, to go on the same business path hand-in-hand, to re-align their goals. The realization started when Keisha asked Justin “If you could have done something differently, what would it be?” Justin’s answer made them look back to their younger selves, and also, inspired them to attend a goals retreat with this intention in mind: “Both of them can take care of themselves. They don’t need each other but they want each other.”

The goals retreat really helped them get closer and align their goals that after a year of going into conferences, seminars, and sales training, they started their own podcast. They haven’t stopped making podcast episodes since, and through it, was able to help other entrepreneurs implement ideas, tools, and resources to be successful in their own businesses and lives.   

[19:34 – 30:52] Pursuing Your Dream with a Powerful Intention

Entrepreneurs, especially married couples, will totally agree that there are a lot of excuses and hurdles to avoid starting a business. How did Justin and Keisha overcome all these? Keisha tells us a heart-warming story about her experience when her dad passed away. Even though her dad had a health condition, he never wore this condition and lived his life to the fullest. Thinking about this helped her saw the impact on people his dad had, overcome her grief, and become the person she is now.

In addition, we also talk about this three powerful pieces of advice:

  • Don’t let any situation hold you down – despite being parents to four young children, Justin and Keisha did what they want to do, unlike their parents who waited until they were older.
  • We are NOT promised that we will get old, and
  • Think of time as the most finite resource.

Listen closely also for tips on how we can use these to bounce back from the Coronavirus pandemic.

[30:53 – 35:07] Planning for the Unknown 

Since this episode was recorded in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic which a lot of business owners weren’t able to anticipate, I also asked Justin and Keisha for tips on how they plan for the unknown, and how do they handle such situations when they finally show up.

Their advice? Just make use of the time to really prepare. Even if we’re stuck our homes, we should still use the time to plan, to really prepare. After all, when we fail to plan, we plan to fail. And quoting Justin, “It’s in the planning, not the execution of the plan. Because plans always fail, it’s always about how you prepare mentally.”

[33:33 – 39:41] The FOCUS FIVE Segment

The FOCUS FIVE are five questions I ask every guest on my show. Since I have Justin and Keisha as my guests today, both of them share us 1) What book they gift most often, 2) Who would they talk to if they can get an hour of somebody’s time and ask questions, 3) What is that one thing they believe most people would disagree with them on, 4) Their morning routines, how do they start their days, and 5) Where are the best places to connect with them online? See below for Justin and Keisha’s social media links!

Resources mentioned in the episode:

You can connect with Justin on Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, with Keisha on Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook , visit their website and listen to their podcast at https://realliferealequity.com/, or visit their website on LinkedIn.

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