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Your Struggles are Your Strengths with Julian Sado

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with “Mind-Hacker” Julian Sado. Julian believes that “your struggles are your strengths.” His dynamic journey took him from living on the streets at 16, almost committing suicide, to working in Hollywood entertainment, to celebrity fitness instructor, to corporate Influencer. Today, he is an author, speaker, coach and owner of Pivot2Change. He helps bring business leaders to the next level through Neurowhyology, a combination of Neuro-Science and Behavioral Coaching. 

Let’s dive into Julian’s story and learn how he was able to take the struggles life threw at him and turn them into strengths. 

[00:01 – 08:35] Opening Segment

Julian has a very interesting story about how his journey began. He went from living on the streets, having no clear direction in life, and almost committing suicide at 16, to aspiring to be a superhero, doing kickboxing, and being a Teen Idol winner because of one transformative experience.

Today, as an NLP practitioner and “neurohacking” specialist, he gives an explanation of the basic neuroscience and behavioral concepts behind how people can control their thoughts and turn their life around. Keep on listening to hear Julian’s valuable advice on how we can start turning our struggles into strengths.  

[08:36 – 14:55] Flipping the Switch 

To begin with, Julian tells us the story of why when he was young, he felt dysfunctional within his family and school and how he got to reinvent himself.

He had one incident with his father which made him want to kill himself. Fortunately, it ended up making him turn his life around 180 degrees, instead. After that, he also thought he wants to be a real life version of a superhero as inspired by his childhood hero, Rocky Balboa.

Julian also shares about how he got next into the entertainment industry. Now that he’s a “mind-hacker,” he gives us an insight about what his experiences in the music industry really meant to him that time from a neuroscience/behavioral science point-of-view. He started gaining attention in the entertainment industry and eventually got a record deal. This made him feel loved and liked. However, pursuing this career entails him to make sacrifices that he did not want to make that time, so he eventually left and transitioned to a career on kickbox coaching.

[14:56 – 29:35] Overcoming Feeling with Action

It was Julian’s kickboxing career that allowed him to personally work with the creator and actor of his childhood hero Rocky Balboa, Syllvester Stallone. He wouldn’t stay too long with this career though as he was about to get married and he felt as if he needed to get a “real job.”

His real job? Julian jokingly shares that “if you want to get rid of family or friends,” this is the job you should get into because your friends and family will stop calling you—a life insurance agent. And so, losing his friends made him feel depressed again but something really good also happened to him next—he met Jim Rohn.

Jim Rohn gave Julian a book which made him start studying how the brain works. This eventually became the real turning point of his life and his career. Of all his learnings about how the brain works, Julian shares a few that made the most difference to him:

  • “There’s a difference between feeling motivated and having a change of attitude.”
  • Pay attention to what you’re saying because it really influences the way you think.
  • “Recognizing triggers is the first step to being in control of that trigger.”

[29:36 – 37:33] Your Struggles are your Strength

After all the struggles that Julian went through to get where he is now, he has this to say about struggles: Your struggles are your strengths. We should also just lean towards them instead of avoiding them much like in boxing—where leaning towards your opponent lessens the strength of his punch, compared to the impact you would feel if you avoid it.

Julian also relates his belief—your struggles are your strengths—to all his previous experiences and says that there is no stress-free life after all. We just really have to take what we can learn from it all and think about how all those struggles, those experiences, are going to benefit us in the future.   

[37:34 – 44:45] The FOCUS FIVE Segment

The FOCUS FIVE are five questions I ask every guest on my show. Keep on listening to find out what book Julian gifts most often; who would he talk to if he can get an hour of any person living or dead, from the past or the present, and why; that one thing he believes but most people will disagree with; his morning routine; and lastly, where are the best places we can connect with him online. (See the links below for Julian’s social media links!)

Tweetable Quotes: 

“Motivation is a mood swing but it’s not an attitude adjustment. That’s the difference between feeling motivated and having a change in attitude; Attitude is something that lasts longer than that.” – Julian Sado

“How do you take what you’ve heard, and make it applicable?” – Julian Sado

“Struggles are a gift, and if you look at it and lean in, like in boxing… it takes away the sting, if you try to avoid it, once you get hit you can get knocked out.” – Julian Sado

Resources mentioned in the episode:

You can connect with Julian on TwitterLinkedInFacebook and Instagram. Be sure to visit his website https://www.pivot2change.com/ to learn more about what he does and how you can become a part of it. Be sure to pick up his book Resilience if you want to find out more about Julian’s story and success.

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