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The Right Mentality To Start Something Big with Jas Takhar

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with the Co-Founder of REC, a Canadian top residential realtor, investor and influencer, Jas Takhar. With 15 years of successful real estate sales under his belt, Jas has helped thousands of families buy, sell, and invest all over the Greater Toronto Area.

With a deep passion to encourage others to rise and play a big game, Jas has recently become a content creator and creates over 20 pieces of content every single day.

[00:01 – 07:44] Opening Segment

Jas’ Another Way To Play is being a part of the number one team in the largest real estate franchise in their country. Currently, they’re also aiming to be the number one in their country across different brands. But before we talk about how they plan to hit this target, I first asked Jas where his journey began.

Jas first realized that he wants to be in the people business when he started earning by delivering papers as a 13-year-old. Years later, he would take on a few other sales and service roles, including working with the number one car dealer in Canada. Three years later, he got into real estate, met a great mentor and has never considered changing career paths again.

[07:45 – 13:49] The Beginning of the Real Estate World

When he initially thought of getting into real estate, Jas first wanted to be an investor, not exactly a real estate agent. However, as he got further into studying real estate, he decided that he wants to be a real estate agent already. He would then end up selling his first house for his client just 24 hours after getting his license.

For his tips on what he does to bring his team to the top spot? Jas shares two main things. The first one is find a way to work with real estate investors—they will invest in properties multiple times a year. Second, if you’re a real estate agent, ask all your clients to refer you to their friends, relatives, and everyone else in their network. He also shares a very smart way on how he gets to choose to only work with clients who will refer him and not with those who refuse to give their full support.

[07:45 – 13:49] The Beginning of the Real Estate World

In this part, we talk about how Jas’ mindset contributes largely to his team’s success. Jas sets his mind to only the things he can control and tries to shut out the noise—the things that will only distract him from reaching his goal.

Aside from sharing their game changing habits during the pandemic, he also talks about the culture he builds within his team. Jas and his team members behave as close as possible to how they were before Covid. As content creators, this is what helps them keep on making 20 pieces of content everyday like they were doing before the pandemic.

[18:45- 26:37] The Right Mentality to Start Something Big

At this point, you’re probably wondering how Jas consistently creates 20 pieces of content every day. Here’s their secret: it wasn’t always 20. They also started with just one type of content—a podcast. They then found ways to create more content from the podcast, and then later on, also repurpose those content. Doing this makes sure they don’t run out of ideas for their 20 posts every day.

[26:38- 31:19] A Great Mindset to Start Your Day 

Aside from figuring out what you’re naturally good at to help you create and repurpose content, I also recommend just being plain authentic you. Get that out there by making a blog or filming a video.

In addition, for Jas, our mindset about how we start our day also matters. To start his day, every morning, he asks himself “How am I going to bring value to other people?” He also thinks about the things he feel most grateful for. According to him, if we are grateful, a part of our brain gets activated and trains us to see more things to be grateful for all throughout the day. Feeling grateful also helps him think of even more ways to bring value to other people. Needless to say, having this mindset contributes a lot to his success in growing his client base, his network, and ultimately, his business.

[31:20 – 37:24] The FOCUS FIVE Segment

The FOCUS FIVE are five questions I ask every guest on my show. Keep on listening to find out what book Jas gifts most often; who would he talk to if he can get an hour of any person living or dead, from the past or the present, and why; that one thing he believes but most people will disagree with; his morning routine; and lastly, where are the best places we can connect with him online. (See the links below for Jas’ social media links!)

Tweetable Quotes: 

“Opportunity is everywhere, you need to get in front of it and in the way of it.” – Jas Takhar 

“Start your day with gratitude and ask yourself how you are going to bring value to people today. ” – Jas Takhar 

“The brain is the most underutilized muscle that we have, because most people don’t realize the power of the power of the brain and how much we need to train it.” – Jas Takhar 

Resources mentioned in the episode:

You can connect with Jas personally on LinkedIn , Instagram and Facebook.You can visit his website on https://jastakhar.ca/ to know more about how to be a successful realtor and content creator. 

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