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The Art of Communication with Greg Rice

Today’s guest is Greg Rice, a buddy of mine, and the host of the Art of Communication Podcast. In this episode, he is going to tell us everything that he knows about communication, which he was able to use to network with other people and talk his way into the CEO’s office of a large regional bank and eventually, choose a role where he gets to work with several entrepreneurs. Spoiler alert, Greg believes there are four keys to communicate more effectively, and it includes communicating vulnerably, among other things.

Let’s dive right into the episode and learn all about the Art of Communication.

[00:01 – 09:01] Building better connections

One aspect of communication that a lot of people are interested in and which Greg Rice is also teaching an e-course on is body language. Many people are curious about how to control their own body language and how to read micro expressions, among other things. So if you’re also interested in understanding other people’s body language and controlling your own body language, check out Greg’s website link in the show notes below.

Another thing that he’s currently working on is the Authentic Connection Academy. As he has been working through his podcast, he has been getting a lot of different questions like “How do I build better connections?” “How can I get better at selling, building a network, and building relationships?” “How can I be a better leader?”

For Greg, answering these questions through his podcast is better but he thought that it would be better if he could reach a bigger audience by building the academy. To give us a better glimpse at what Greg teaches people in his courses, he also talks about the four keys to connect more effectively. These four keys are 1) understanding yourself, 2) understanding the hard stuff about other people, 3) vulnerability and empathy, and 4) conversation mastery.

[09:02 – 15:00] The Art of Communication

At present, Greg has mastered the four keys of communication and teaches people how to master them as well. But he hasn’t always been an expert in communication, he also started somewhere. So to help and inspire people to really work on improving their communication skills, I asked Greg what is his advice to people to actually get themselves to start working on improving their skills. Greg’s answer? It all starts and all boils down to understanding your WHY first.

WHY do you want to do this? What are you hoping to accomplish in the future? In addition, what are your goals? What motivates you to keep going and keep trying to get better?

Once you’ve found your why, you’ll probably want to start working on reaching those goals right away. However, Greg has another valuable advice: Do one thing at a time. Don’t try to do 15 different things. Then, just practice over and over and over again.

[15:01 -27:51] Greg’s Story

Growing up, no one really influenced or directly taught Greg how to have good communication skills. He says his parents weren’t great communicators. He grew up in a tough neighborhood. And people kept taking advantage of him, bullying him, which made him have lots of insecurities. He knew he had to be better.

Eventually, Greg got a job in sales but because he didn’t know how to communicate, he ended up being terrible at it. However, this all changed when he had a meeting with a very important person which made him realize one of the keys to communicating successfully—vulnerability. His meeting turned out great, he won the deal and today, he wants to share with us what he discovered: being honest and authentic is key. Stop pretending to be something you are not because the more you are yourself, the more success and influence you’re going to have eventually.

[27:52 – 34:28] Mentorship and Coaching Keys

In his courses and podcast episodes, Greg teaches the art of the communication. But on our part, the listeners, we still wouldn’t be able to learn those skills without first being willing to invest in ourselves.

Greg shares that “there’s a lot of good information out there, but you got to be willing to dig into it.” You have to first be willing to learn it and work on it. Additionally, this is also one of the reasons why in his courses, Greg tries to focus on really bite-sized nuggets. He usually just gives out quick five minute lessons, tells you how to work on it, tells you to go practice, then come back to another lesson. It’s not hours of lecture, Greg says.

[34:29 – 41:02] The FOCUS FIVE Segment

The FOCUS FIVE are five questions I ask every guest on my show. Keep on listening to find out what book Greg gifts most often; who would he talk to if he can get an hour of any person living or dead, from the past or the present, and why; that one thing he believes but most people will disagree with; his morning routine; and lastly, where are the best places we can connect with him online. (See the links below for Greg’s social media links!) 

Tweetable Quotes: 

“The more you are yourself, the more success, the more influence you’re going to have.” – Greg Rice

“Being vulnerable doesn’t necessarily mean sharing something that you’re embarrassed about. Vulnerability for me just means sharing a little bit more of your truth about whatever it is that you’re talking about.” – Greg Rice

“When you share that vulnerability, an amazing thing happens. Other people start opening up back to you. When you share a story and other people relate to it, that’s where real connection starts to happen.” – Greg Rice

“Do one thing at a time. Don’t try to do fifteen different things.” – Greg Rice

Resources mentioned in the episode:

Connect with Greg Rice on Instagram or visit https://gregjrice.com/ 

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