Planting Seeds for Success with Evan Holladay

Evan Holladay is a real estate developer and investor with over $225 million and 1347 units of multifamily real estate developed and invested. Evan is Founder and CEO at Holladay Ventures where their team specializes in creating and investing in workforce, affordable and mixed-income communities. Their mission is to create quality housing opportunities and empower the residents to realize their full potential. 

Evan is also the host of the iTunes Top 200 business and real estate podcast, “Monumental” where he sits down with top leaders and entrepreneurs making massive change in the world. 

On this episode:

  • Evan shares a common success myth.
  • Learn how you can get paid to learn.
  • Discover how to become crystal clear on your “why.”
  • Find out how to intersect your mission and making a profit.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • Speed up your process by learning from somebody else first.
  • One of the biggest limiting beliefs is people just don’t believe in themselves enough.
  • The seeds I’m planting today are going to lay the groundwork for this tremendous impact.

Evan Holladay:

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