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Conviction Does Not Equal Truth | Monday Motivation

Welcome back to another episode of Another Way To Play. For today’s Monday Motivation solo episode, let’s talk about why conviction does not equal truth. What does that mean? I’m going to start with a quick story.

My Neighbor’s Company

One of my neighbors who is also one of my friends is the CEO of a publicly traded company. For the last few weeks, my neighbor has been sort of the target of a short seller. Basically, the short-seller is a company who has been having this huge amount of press and Twitter rants and that sort of thing about how the products of my neighbor’s company hurt people. In addition to being a bad company, the company of the short seller is also unethical, when it comes to personal tax and other things, it’s all there.


Things sort of started out as like this is not a big deal. However, it built momentum to the point where my neighbor’s company recently had to pull a product because their stock price was going down. That incident got me thinking about how can somebody sort of yell and scream loud enough to like the point where they can pull the price of a publicly traded company down like this?


It’s All About The Conviction


Well, I realized, it’s that conviction, and then that assumption that the conviction means it’s true. Generally speaking, we, as human beings, often assume that if someone is that sure about something, they have to at least be partially right. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be doing it. I would argue that’s because generally speaking, we all feel that people are good, and that people are generally doing what’s right most of the time.


Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. And even if people do have good intentions in general, they also often will have ulterior motives on the back end. For example, let’s say someone wants to sell you something, so they smudge some numbers, or they smudge a few little things about the performance of their product or service or whatever, just to make a sales quota. There’s an ulterior motive there.


There’s Always A Motive

Like what we’ve talked last week, nothing is random. Everything is the way that it is because someone made it that way. Therefore, there are really different motives and motivations by different people out there. So, what does that mean for you? As we go through our week, what does that mean? What does that mean for us as we spend time on social media, spend the holidays, meet with family, or plan out the New Year? What does all of that mean?

Well, to me, it means 1) be skeptical. Frankly, take a step back for a second. Whenever you’re getting advice from someone, whenever you see someone on Instagram, YouTube, whatever, who’s got a really strong opinion, be skeptical.


Be Skeptical

Personally, I go on YouTube a lot. I love YouTube, partially because it’s a great education source. It’s also an entertainment source. In addition, I’m also growing a channel over there about real estate so I pay attention to trending topics there. One topic that I pay attention to in particular is how there’s going to be a real estate crash in 2021. Everyone’s saying that there’s a bubble whatever to a certain extent. Because that topic is relevant right now and people want to hear about it, you kind of have to make videos about that topic.


I think, most people are just riding this wave to try and get views and stuff of how it’s going to be a crash and how everything is going to go to hell in a handbasket in 2021. However, I personally don’t share that opinion 100%. But nonetheless, I’m seeing it as a trend. So look at it this way: whether it’s just to ride the wave and get views, or it’s to disseminate information, or to sell you something, everybody has a motive. Nothing is random, like what we talked about last time. So this time, be skeptical when watching those trends.


Think About The Motivation Behind


Number two, when someone is being loud, like yelling their message from the rooftop all the time, think that they have a motivation for doing that. Sometimes those motivations are pure, sometimes they’re not. And simply echoing the first point, be skeptical. Think about what it is that they want out of the equation. Sometimes, they want to educate you, they’re probably seeing something that you have not. They’re probably just thinking, “Oh my gosh, everyone has to know about this.”  

Other times, they can just be trying to get views, they’re trying to grow a channel, they’re trying to sell something, or they’re trying to make money on the back end. Whatever it is, just be aware that everyone has a motivation always. And broadly speaking, there’s also a lesson here.


Stand up for it


For us who want to improve our lives, improve our mindset, whatever, when you get some conviction behind something, stand up for it. Have an opinion. Go out there. Give yourself the opportunity to take advantage of this piece of human psychology, when people see you really having conviction about something. You might get some haters and mean, as a consequence. But if you stick with it and keep your conviction on it, eventually, you know, people will be like, “Well, maybe there’s something to this because this person is continuing to share this message and continuing to bring in evidence and conviction into this equation.”


So, as you’re setting your goals, as you’re enjoying your holiday season, as we near the end of 2020, thinking about how to take yourself to the next level in 2021. Think about how to apply this not just as a consumer but also as a creator, as a business person, as a person in your life. Whatever that looks like to you, these principles apply 100%, regardless of your situation.

Tweetable Quote: 

“Everybody has a motive. Think about what it is that they want out of the equation. Sometimes they want to educate you when they see something that you may not. But other times they’re trying to get views, they’re trying to grow their channel, they’re trying to sell something and make money on the back end. ”

“We assume, more often than not, that if someone is that sure about something, they have to at least be partially right. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be doing it.”

“Be skeptical, take a step back whenever you get advice from someone, whenever you see someone on Instagram or youtube who’s got a really strong opinion.”

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