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East Bay Real Estate Market Update | Have you been working out_

Have you been working out? – An East Bay real estate market update amid COVID, BLM activism, wild fires, Unemployment, and all the news of people leaving the state

“Have you been working out? You look great and I’m impressed with how much you can lift these days.” That’s my attempt at a joke regarding the East Bay real estate market right now. Seriously though, if you list out all the crazy forces that have occurred this year, our market is looking quite robust. COVID, BLM activism, Wild Fires, Unemployment, and all the news of people leaving the state, you would think that the straw that breaks the camels back has to be coming. However, our market keeps on banging out reps despite the added weight.

Negotiation Tips for Home Sellers

Negotiations Part 2 | Tips for Home Sellers

Your house is staged, it’s beautiful, it got tons of views online, and a lot of people want to see it! Now, how do you turn this attention into an offer? Watch my negotiation tips for home sellers to move on with this sale with as much cash in your pocket as possible.