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This is a collection of all of the podcast interviews I do. I hope this brings you value!

Another Way to Play podcast episode with Mike Bjorkman | Hans Struzyna

7 F’s to Get Your Life Balance with Mike Bjorkman

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with one of the top real estate coaches and property manager, Mike Bjorkman. He is also a well-known author, entrepreneur, speaker, and mentor for some of the country’s top agents. He has been in the real estate profession for almost 30 years and is also awarded a seat on the Top 5 Advisory Board. At present, Mike is very passionate about coaching other entrepreneurs, especially real estate agents—he helps them so they will not experience the same struggles and heartaches that he experienced.

Another Way to Play Podcast Episode with Adam Kreek | Hans Struzyna

The Mindset of Focus with Adam Kreek

Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Adam Creek, an Olympic gold medalist, entrepreneur, and top executive and business coach. He is also the author of The Responsibility Ethic. From winning an Olympic Gold medal to coaching leaders of Fortune-500 companies, to making an impact on people and businesses, Adam talks about having the mindset and focus to do what you really need and want to do.

How to become a top closer with Kayvon Kay

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with a master of sales and closing, expert keynote speaker, and creator of the One-Call Closer Methodology, Kayvon Kay. Through his years of experience, he mastered the art of sales, through building relationships with them before anything else. He also helps others be better sales people and has worked with highly paid consultants, influential coaches, and other very successful closers.

Make The Next Chapter of Your Life Better with Rachel Boardman

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with former professional swimmer and coach turned podcaster and entrepreneur, Rachel Boardman. Rachel started her own podcast, Beyond the Finish Line, after she had to leave her athletic career and struggled with her mental health and finding a new path. After returning back to exercising and overcoming her struggles, Rachel now helps athletes build and grow their own winning businesses.

Breaking Down Walls with Dr. Steve Taubman

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with the “Mind-mastery” Dr Steve Taubman. Dr. Steve is a former chiropractor who underwent a personal life transformation that led to him to help others in discovering the keys to their success and having the courage to break their self-imposed mental barriers to achieving their dreams. He is currently a bestselling author an international motivational speaker.

From Snowshed to CEO of BarBend with David Tao | Hans Struzyna

From Snowshed to CEO with David Thomas Tao

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with David Thomas Tao. David is the CEO and Co-Founder of, a media brand providing a platform for news, analysis, entertainment, and opinion for all things relevant in strength-based competition and training. David, himself trained in weight lifting, when he was still in college and before the sport was well-known. He took his passion for the sport with him and his skills in journalism to create a successful and unique media company.

Another Way to Play Podcast

Your Struggles are Your Strengths with Julian Sado

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with “Mind-Hacker” Julian Sado. Julian believes that “your struggles are your strengths.” His dynamic journey took him from living on the streets at 16, almost committing suicide, to working in Hollywood entertainment, to celebrity fitness instructor, to corporate Influencer. Today, he is an author, speaker, coach and owner of Pivot2Change. He helps bring business leaders to the next level through Neurowhyology, a combination of Neuro-Science and Behavioral Coaching.