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Hi, we’re Hans and Kristin Struzyna, a powerhouse husband and wife team, offering a real estate experience with your success as the core driver of everything we do. We believe in building authentic relationships, exceptional advice, effective communication, and constantly striving to be the best so we can deliver the best. 

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Buyer Tips

Anyone who is looking to buy a home in the Bay Area will benefit from this content.

Negotiation Tips for Home Buyers

Negotiation Tips for Home Buyers | What You Should Know and What You Should Expect

Whether it’s your first time or your nth time buying a house, the negotiation with the seller can be tricky. The last thing home buyers would want to hear from a seller is a NO that’s why they usually want to grab opportunities to have an edge over their competition, like choosing an expert buyer’s agent and preparing ahead for the negotiations. But what should you know exactly to be able to prepare for the negotiations? Read my negotiation tips for home buyers below.

Comping Houses Like A Pro

After hours and days and weeks of searching, you’ve finally found the house of your dreams. The first step to really owning that house? You now have to make an offer. But how do you figure out when an offer is fair, too much, or too little? Here is where “comps” come in.

Hans Struzyna Alameda Real Estate Agent

Buyer Opportunities in a Sellers Market | How can a first time home buyer win in the Bay Area?

Imagine this: after days and days of searching online, you’ve finally found a house that matches all that you’re looking for in a home. You decide to visit it, end up liking it even more, but then you realize you have a problem—a lot of other people also want to buy that home. Worse scenario? When you have this problem with not just one but two or probably, even more of your options.