Rethinking the Education System with Carrie Herzberger

Imagine the quintessential student: Straight A’s, AP classes, National Honor Society, never in trouble (except that one time she was falsely accused), varsity athlete, dedicated to meaningful service, and accepted to every college on her list.

This was Carrie. She was the girl who was going to learn no matter what. She fit the mold of school success and took it miles further. She didn’t settle for being mediocre. The system would have kept her in mediocrity, but she fought for and embraced every challenge she was given.

What would have happened to Carrie if she hadn’t fought? What would have happened if she didn’t have cheerleaders to support her fight?

In college, Carrie surprised herself at falling in love with teaching. She thought she’d go into family law or child psychology, but she became an accidental teacher. After reflecting on 10 years teaching in public, private, and nonpublic schools, Carrie realized she fell short of helping her students rise to success.

She was stuck answering to the rules and regulations of the system. Most students would be slotted in mediocrity or worse while she attended workshops, went to meetings, filled out paperwork and had little time and energy left for the actual act of teaching. The students who were like Carrie will fight their way to success, but what about those who need more support along the way?

Carrie won’t stand for a system that doesn’t serve its students. She is the personal cheerleader to help kiddos be their own stars, within or outside of the school system.

On this episode:

  • Carrie talks about how she changed her approach to education after 10 years on that career path.
  • Discern the difference between working in a business and on a business.
  • Hear Carrie’s awesome tagline.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • I keep shifting in response to the needs of my clients. – Carrie Herzberger
  • Doing isn’t enough, but engage and analyze what you’re doing moving forward. – Carrie Herzberger
  • Learning doesn’t stop in school. – Carrie Herzberger
  • Learn something different, learn somewhere different and learn differently. – Carrie Herzberger

Carrie Herzberger:

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