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Hans Struzyna

Bay Area Real Estate Broker

Mobile: (510) 768 - 8228
Email: hans@thegundermangroup.com
As a broker for The Gunderman Group, I rank in the top 2% of realtors in the East Bay and top 10% of agents throughout Northern California, I’m here to exceed your definition of success. I specialize in Oakland, Piedmont, and Alameda but serve buyers from El Cerrito to Orinda to Fremont.

I get it: purchasing a home can be one of the most
stressful decisions of your life.

The Bay Area real estate market can feel overwhelming and nearly impossible to win in.

 With so much at stake, it’s important that you partner with the best.  

From our first meeting to handing you the keys, I’m here to make the experience simple and seamless.


When you work with me, you’ll get…

     A WINNING TEAM. I’ll be your personal advisor [advocate] throughout the entire process. You’ll also be backed by the top team in the East Bay, including expert brokers David Gunderman and Andrew Raskopf Gunderman

✔     A PROVEN PROCESS. Starting with your needs analysis, we’ll uncover all the critical components to your search and place them at the forefront. Once we begin shopping, we will spend time analyzing disclosures, reviewing recent sales and teeing up a winning offer. 

✔     SUPPORT. I take pride in what I do. I will stand by your side every step of the way, give you my honest opinion, and put your needs first. 

✔      MARKET KNOWLEDGE. Between knowing which side of the street increases value to the tendencies of other agents, there is a lot to keep track of. I take pride in knowing the nuanced details that will make the difference between you winning and missing out. 

✔     RESULTS. Nearly 90% of my buyers write less than three offers and win their dream home within two months of starting their search. Nearly 30% find their house before it hits the market. 

✔     RESPONSIVENESS. You can expect swift text responses, answers to your questions, and a commitment to getting you the result you seek. 

✔     PROTECTION. Not a single one of my buyers has ever lost their deposit. In fact, not a single client’s deposit has ever been in jeopardy.

✔      RESOURCES. My network consists of the East Bay’s top inspectors, lenders, contractors, legal minds and more. There is not a question we cannot answer together.

Buyer Statistics

“Choosing real estate can be a bit overwhelming, but Hans made the experience very easy for us. If you’re looking for a trustworthy real estate agent in the Bay Area, give Hans a call.”    

-Benjamin H., Rockridge, Oakland, CA

“Hans was patient, attentive, and is the reason we found our home. He listened to what we liked, disliked, wanted vs. needed and even talked us out of buying a home that wasn’t right for us (nothing to do with cost – he would have benefitted with money and time.)”    

-Michaella C. and Issao F., Alameda, CA

We’ll be a great fit if..

✔   You’re an achiever who surrounds herself with high performers. 

✔   You want to work with a broker who fights for what you want instead of simply pushing paper.

✔   You believe that doing the right thing is the only way to get things done.

✔   You want someone who will drive towards the results you seek. 

✔   You want someone with a proven track record of success.

✔   You want an expert advisor, not a decider. 

“I entered an uncertain Bay Area real estate market with little hope of being successful. Hans walked me through my options – phone call after phone call, text message after text message. Hans gave me the guidance I needed and stood by my side as we entered a fierce bidding war on my dream home. 


-Omed H., Richmond, CA


How it works: 

STEP ONE: Book a call. We’ll hop on a free, no pressure 20 minute call to get to know each other better and see if we’re a good fit.

STEP TWO: In person or Zoom meeting. We’ll dig in to what you need, I’ll recommend neighborhoods that meet your criteria, and we’ll craft a plan that gets you to your goal. 

STEP THREE: We will schedule home tours, review disclosure packets, and review pricing and financial information.

STEP FOUR: Offers. We’ll craft an offer that positions you to get the result you want without overpaying. 

STEP FIVE: Escrow. I make sure that all agreed upon terms are upheld and your deposit is protected above all.

STEP SIX: Keys! You’ll receive the keys to your new home.

“Hans had a way of understanding what we were looking for even when our words weren’t enough. We toured houses that ranged from complete gut jobs, to polished and complete and he seemed to understand why we saw potential in both. His availability was incredible and he knew how to talk us through our anxieties each step of the way in the high anxiety market place that is the Bay Area. His knowledge in what a house was worth versus what a house would likely go for was spot on. He knew how fast something would move, and when we could slow down and take our time.

I wish I knew more people buying a home so that I could recommend him. As stressful as home buying can be, he was someone that made it less stressful.”

-Kathleen H and Royce W

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“When you dedicate yourself to being the best in the world at something, it’s likely that anything you apply yourself to will result in success based on the ethic of hard work, discipline, and dedication. Prior to becoming a real estate agent, Hans was an Olympic athlete, and he brought the same dedication to every one of our interactions over the course the nine months we worked together. Hans demonstrated pure commitment to the task at hand, unwaveringly focused on representing us as both the buyer and seller in separate transactions. During our sale, Hans repeatedly went above and beyond while navigating an incredibly difficult construction and permitting process during the time of Covid, and he always did it with a smile and immediate responsiveness. The house we were selling looked incredible and was marketed beautifully, both in person and in its digital media, due to the full-service experience that Hans and the Gunderman Group provided. Hans is hardworking, calm, collected, uses appropriate tone in his communication, and utilizes the resources available to him with the Gunderman Group as well as his personal connections.

Hans is a R O C K S T A R. We recommend him with no reservations.”

-Miriam and Erick, O., Alameda, CA

(510) 768 - 8228
DRE # 020284245