Becoming the World’s Leading High Performance Coach with Mike Szczesniak

Mike Szczesniak is the world’s leading high performance coach for Millennial Executives and Entrepreneurs. Having struggled with anxiety and panic attacks in his early 20s, Mike realized he had a very skewed view of what it really meant to be ‘productive’.


This set him on a path of personal growth, and ultimately led to his obsession with productivity and high performance.


Through his content, speaking, and coaching, Mike helps his clients show up more powerfully and get to the next level. Period.

On this episode:

  • Learn why Mike had to climb a 50 foot telephone pole to realize he had a skewed, unhealthy obsession with money.
  • Hear Mike’s definition of productivity.
  • Discover how to determine what SHOULD get done.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • I realized doing things didn’t matter if the things I was doing didn’t matter.
  • A lot of people are being vulnerable for the sake of being vulnerable instead of being of service.
  • We need to fill out calendar with things that are important.

Mike Szczesniak:

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