Becoming the Nomad Capitalist with Andrew Henderson

Andrew Henderson is the managing partner of Nomad Capitalist and the most sought-after expert on global citizenship. Andrew Henderson lives by five magic words: “Go Where You’re Treated Best”. Nomad Capitalist helps people to find the best places to live, bank, invest, incorporate, start a business, hire, and more.

After nearly a dozen years visiting and living in 100+ countries Mr. Henderson has become an expert on the growing field of global citizenship. He is the author of Nomad Capitalist, a book discussing the concepts of global citizenship that anyone can apply.

On this episode:

  • Andrew talks about giving up his United States citizenship.
  • Learn reasons that people get dual citizenships and open bank accounts in other countries.
  • Discover how to become a citizen of the world.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • Go where you’re treated best.
  • You can create a successful business anywhere.
  • A myth is that somehow geography plays a factor in your success.
  • A lot of entrepreneurs take their skills for granted.

Andrew Henderson

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